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California . Northeast

IMPACTS Dramatically Changing Climates

Map of the Northeast

Changes in average summer heat index, combining temperature and humidity, will strongly alter how summer feels in the Northeast. Click on a state or region in the menu to the right to track how summer climates "migrate" southward as the region warms over the century.

These migrations use projected average daily summer temperature (the average of daytime highs and nighttime lows) combined with relative humidity, and averaged over June, July, and August. However, weather conditions during the hottest month (July) and the warmest part of the day (late afternoon) feel much warmer than average conditions.

While both pathways show an acceleration of the warming already under way, higher and lower emissions lead to starkly different climate futures. The emission choices we make today can make a difference for our quality of life and the character of our region.

Union of Concerned Scientists